MAKO M-2 System - Combinated 7-Pin SFIC Core

MAKO M-2 System - Combinated 7-Pin SFIC Core "A" Keyway

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MAKO SFIC Cores are keyed using the MAKO M-2 System, which is basically the same thing as A-2 system as far as measurements and key cuts go. The M-2 system conveniently uses the standard A-2 pin measurements and cut depths so they can easily be integrated into an existing A-2 system. 

Most “off-the-shelf” SFIC A-2 systems come with only standard brass key pins relying solely on high tolerances for pick resistance. Because their bottom pins are brass, the locks wear down quickly in a high use scenario requiring they be refurbished or replaced. There are several existing products on the market that address these issues but they are also significantly more expensive making them not cost effective for most.

The MAKO M-2 system aims to find a balance between these 2 extremes - more security without breaking the bank. All MAKO M-2 System SFIC Cores come standard with a combination of spool, serrated, "T" and no-bump pins for superior pick resistance. M-2 bottom pins are also security pins and made of nickel silver, extending the life of the lock. 

Just like other SFIC key cylinders, MAKO SFIC cores are interchangeable using a specialized control key that allows for quick installation and replacement of the lock core in a variety of different lock applications including (but not limited to) padlocks, doors knobs, deadbolts, and cabinets regardless of the manufacturer. 

Want multiple locks with the same key? Not a problem. This lock core is available keyed-alike in multiples of 3. Larger quantities of keyed-alike locks are available by request.

MAKO SFIC products are of the highest quality and will last you a lifetime but they come with a limited lifetime warranty...just in case.

  • Tight tolerances for higher level of mechanical security
  • Pick-resistant solid brass 7-pin cylinder
  • Includes 2 high precision keys and 1 control key
  • Available keyed-alike or keyed-different
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty